To Oxavon , i’m just a beginner myself and i’ve been using this website for about 3 weeks solid, started in november but December was crazy for me so i had to take a break unfortunately. but anyway, 3 weeks in, and already i have noticed a difference in my ability to pick up more detail and to understand what i’m hearing far more than i did before i started using this website/learning resource. All i can say is what Rick reiterates time and time again, trust your ears, and be patient, if you pile too much pressure and expect too much of yourself too soon, you are setting yourself up to fail before you start. Honestly, the guy is spot on, and quite frankly a genius in my eyes, and very down to earth and friendly.


To gareth

I thought it was just me who struggled with hard reverb level 2, i nail level 1 time and time again but level 2 eludes me, 7 is my highest score and i can’t top it. The decay parameter throws me for the exact reasons you mentioned, its hard to try and focus on the reverb sound, remember it and work out the settings after just one listen. but, i will beat the damn thing haha. You will too, mate!


Keep at it lads!