Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried to predict what you might ask and have answered those questions below. If though you still have a question, please remember no question is stupid, just send us an email via the contact us page.

Why should I join ProAudio Ears

We want to help you become a successful, knowledgeable artist and we have the expertise and background to do just that.

  • We have over 50 years experience in the field of Audio, mixing, music production and Audiology.
  • Our published work is used as reference material in colleges and universities worldwide.
  • We have presented talks worldwide on developing critical and analytical listening skills.
  • We run a bespoke ghost production facility and a fully-fledged recording studio (Altar Studios).
  • We work with professional artists, DJ’s and record labels on a regular basis.
  • We’re established, with an online presence since 2004 .

We can’t promise we’ll make you a hearing supersonic, but we can increase your chances.

Do the games work on a smartphone/tablet/Mac/Pc?

All our courses & games work on all formats (smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac) but our goal was to replicate/use interfaces for plugins that you would typically find in a DAW and therefore many interfaces are large and that can make it difficult to view them on a small device. We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop device, along with quality monitors or headphones.

What Payment options do you offer?

Credit/Debit cards and Paypal. We accept most major credit and debit cards. We employ the industry standard 256-bit GeoTrust Rapid SSL encryption that is not a shared certificate so any online purchases are completely secure.

What do I get for my Subscription?

You obtain unlimited access to all the gyms, listening videos, groups and social system for the duration of your membership. 

Is my subscription automated?

Yes. When you subscribe, payment will be taken on the same day either every 6 or 12 months unless you choose to cancel.

Can I download the Games or Courses?

No. The games employ server-side functions so cannot currently be accessed “offline”. We are working on developing tablet and phone apps but currently, have no release schedule.

Can I buy the Games?

Not at present but this might become an option in the future.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Just go to “subscription” in. your Account Menu and click unsubscribe. The process is fully automated.

Note that we do not offer partial refunds for cancelling early. You will retain access to the membership area until your current subscription period expires.