I hear you Tobias. Just play some of the other games in the Maintenance gym to get your confidence back up again and then try play Hard Reverb Level 1 over and over again and once you’ve nailed that, you should then start to hear the subtle differences in Level 2. That’s how I’ve been managing my disappointment since November too. Just keep it fun. I managed to give myself headaches from concentrating too much and chasing points and had to take a break for a week. Like I’ve said previously, I have the level really low and at least I’m not getting Tinnitus. Most of the information in some of the games is in the transients anyway so like Rick says, if you can hear those then you are most of the way there…my interpretation of what he says in the PAE help videos. Start playing with your DAW Reverb units on different material. I just recorded a phrase and compressed it a bit and then stuck a few reverb units on it and play them one at a time to see what each adjustment does. I’m sure it will eventually get there. Put it this way, we are all a lot further than we were when we all started so keep positive and it will all come in time. I keep this analogy in my mind before starting Hard Reverb Level 2.02…For a tall skinny guy to do a one legged squat is extremely hard, the only way to achieve this is with careful and structured training and a little mind over matter. It’s the same with the ear, you can’t expect to achieve what you want without careful and structured training which thankfully we now have with PAE. Keep at it and just know in your heart that you are further than you were before you started.

Yu will achieve what you set out to do in time. Just sit quietly somewhere and imagine yourself achieving the goal over and over again and at some point this will come true.

Hope this helps.