Hi timboce and Arran. Good point there Arran about not panicking. I think that’s when it hit home to me about concentrating on each sound and where it’s at. Nice to see someone else joining the conversation timboce.

I’m still struggling with Hard Reverb. The team still haven’t sorted the issue where, after you press submit, it skips straight to the Play button in the middle and doesn’t let you press the Listen button on the left. This minimizes the margin of getting the game correct and has been happening for months.

It just breaks my concentration every time. We live in hope that someone from the team will act on this.

At this stage I’ve stopped playing all the games I can get correct and am concentrating on the ones I’m struggling with in the Maintenance Gym because I can’t seem to crack Beginner Level 2.02 Hard Reverb in the Structured Gym. If the skipping to the Play button issue was sorted, it might make it a little easier to concentrate on hacking it. I’m not sure how many people have reached that stage yet, it seems I’m the only one having hassles with it.

I’m paying Maintenance Gym, Hard Reverb Level 1 over and over to get used to where the slider should be and even in this Level that issue pops up every other time. the most it has happened is 4 times. Then the next time I try the level, nothing happens and I can get through without a hitch but then the next time I try it just skips the Listen button again a few times in a row and that just throws me every time.

Trying to be positive but if it doesn’t function properly for you guys I’d appreciate it if you could also voice it to the team so that it can get sorted and we can move on.