Hi Oxavon, so, playing it again a few minutes ago has brought it all back again. Try focus on one sound and try get that correct every time it comes round and then move onto the next. \\\\the re are two different clap sounds in two different stems and they are changed here and there but soon enough the same  set comes round again and you’ll start to hear the difference. It’ll all start to come together slowly. Try listening at least 5 times to each Question before pressing stop and then wait a few seconds for your ears to reset and then try and match the sounds. I tried turning all the faders down while the question is playing and then when you press stop you can bring the faders up slowly to what you think is correct. I found that if you move the faders all the way down to zero while the question is playing then sometimes the sound at the faders don’t play when you press stop so take them down to just above zero and you’ll start to hear it all come together. It took me a few days before I hacked it. Only ever passed once and need to spend more time on it in the future definitely.

Hope this helps.