Hey Timboce! Sorry to hear your struggles with the mix game, it sure is hard, a lot of it for me was the fact you can only listen to the audio for a few secs and then you are thrown in the deep end, but they did this to force us to focus more to crack it. a big shift forward for me when i beat the level 1 instance was accepting the fact its so hard and to not expect myself to get it right, this took away the frantic panicking, if you like and the pressure was lifted, i could then focus on remembering what sliders affected which sounds (over the course of the next few attempts) and bingo. Another little tip is to start analyzing the loop and making a mental note of which elements are loudest or sticking out more, for example, i’d sat out loud “okay. so the Canonic is the loudest, the chords are 2nd loudest, the clap is third loudest and the pad is fourth”. By doing this, you’ve already solved one piece of the puzzle and nailed rough slider alignments, all you have to do then is try and get the positions right, which will come easier the more you practice as your auditory memory becomes better. Main thing is just stay calm and be patient, you will get there! Hope this helps.