Hey people. Thank you for all getting in touch. I’ve taken a break from chasing points and concentrating on the games I have battled with and am making little gains. In the mean time I’ve also started the Reverb Tutorial in DMP and have started playing with different Reverb units. The most incredible thing is happening. After the first play around I was so confused but two weeks later after a weeks break from it I am finally starting to hear what each thing does in each pluggin and referencing each one’s manual and then writing down what Rick says in the tutorial and going into each pluggin and try to apply this to each of the Reverb units. After all this I am starting to hear a little more in Hard Reverb 2.02 but not enough to pass every time. I’ve also been struggling with it since November and nearly gave up the whole PAE thing because of it. DON’T DO IT!!! Thankfully I have persevered and am seeing gains. After not listening to this favorite CD or any music for a few months because I’ve been so focused on ear Training here and then listening to these tunes now is like a light being switched on. It’s incredible how much I’m hearing…I have no other words for it.

The best thing I have ever done for my musical education is to have subscribed to PAE despite the glitches. It’s amazing and I think so many more people would benefit from this and I’m hopeful for the future of Dance music because with this in our arsenal, we are sure to make a dent in the Music machine of the future.

Keep pushing on…gej